Rainbow Cookie Baking Kit

Rainbow Cookie Baking Kit

This Rainbow Cookie Baking Kit supplies little bakers with perfectly weighed out, top quality dry ingredients to make 6-8 cookies, (depending on how big you would like them). - Just add butter and 1 egg yolk. Instructions are provided at the bottom of the box. PARENTAL SUPERVISION IS ADVISED.  I'd love to see how your bakes have turned out, you can tag me on instagram @clemeirasbakery or facebook and share your pictures.  HAPPY BAKING!! You may also like FUNFETTI CUPCAKE BAKING KIT and FUDGY MARSHMALLOW BROWNIE BAKING KIT
  • Box Includes

    - Cookie Mix - Dry Ingredients perfectly weighed out

    - Milk Chocolate Bean/Buttons

    - Vanilla Extract

    - Treat - Box of Raisins 

    - Instruction Card (bottom of box).