See why customers love Clemeira's Bakery

Sarah Margas

"I asked Clemeira to make a birthday cake for my boyfriend. The whole process from the initial designing to the final pick up, was great and professional. Will definitely be ordering again." Dec.2018

Geoffrey Wright

"Clemeira is very professional, reliable, dedicated and she has strong attention to detail when doing what she does best....baking. I ordered my birthday cake with her last year and I could not have been more satisfied with what she presented for me.

Not only was my cake pleasing to the eye but it tasted absolutely scrumptious! I would/have recommended Clemeira's Bakery to anyone. She is the go to person for cakes when it comes to my family members and I couldn't be more assured.

When you have a strong passion for something, you end up doing it well and that is the case here with this talented young woman." Sep.2018

Anne King

"Clemeira created the most beautiful ladybird cake for our daughter’s birthday- we were thrilled with it. I’d looked for ladybird ideas and explained what I had in mind to Clemeira but when the cake arrived it was so much lovelier than I’d imagined.

I’d have no hesitation recommending Clemeira’s Bakery to anyone else." Jun.2018

Dikembe Cabey -Lee

"Amazing!! This is probably one of the best cakes I’ve ever had! Perfect texture, perfect flavours and perfect design. Clemeira’s Bakery is where it’s at!!  Also it was super last minute and she done it within 2-3 days. I was blown away with the results" Sep.2018

Helen McShane

"Clemeira is simply fantastic. She is extremely creative and incredibly professional. Clemeira really cares about every cake she bakes. I could not recommend her highly enough." Oct. 2019

Cassandra Gardener

"Nice texture with great moisture and taste lovely - the buttercream literally melted in your mouth. Many persons do not enjoy cakes cause it can be too sweet but Clemeira’s cakes are perfect not too sweet just perfect!

Her customer service is exceptional, very understanding and helpful. She really caters to your needs/wants, helps you get the exact design of the cake you want." Feb.2019