Self-taught Baker and Cake Decorator

Hi, my name is Clemeira, I won't start off by saying that I have always loved baking since I was a little girl. Baking was never on my mind. In fact, I was the one who would wait for my name to be called so that I can just eat food. :D What I can say is, that every time my birthday came around, I really loved receiving my cake and celebrating.

From as young as I could remember...I would be smiling from ear to ear, when my family would lay the table covers on the kitchen table, blow up a few balloons here and there, with cheese balls, marshmallows, homemade popcorn and (okay okay..let me stop now-it's getting me excited again and it's not even my birthday yet).

Even though it was at home most of the times, it felt like a whole party!! Mum, Dad and my six siblings! Yes! I said it..six siblings - two set of twins (I have a twin brother by the way), and my three older sisters.


Something about cake and celebrating made me want to explore more. I've always been creative and really good at art. So when it came to cake decorating, it all came quite natural. Some may say it's a talent but I know that this is a gift from God. 


So here's where my adventure begins....

It was on the week of my nephew’s 2nd birthday-March 2016, when my sister was feeling very adventurous. I remember it like it was only last week. Such a fun experience!! The theme was Minions! It was like a superpower I never knew I had. Decorating the cake made my whole body TINGLE and my eyes WIDEN with excitement!! That’s when my DREAM came alive!! With a few practices, smiles, tears, smashing of cakes and dashing them in the bin...Clemeira's Bakery was established in February 2018.

Before I was a Baker/Cake Decorator, I worked as a Nursery Practitioner. I love children, working with them has always been my first passion, so I have joined my two loves together and started baking sessions for Little Bakers.

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